In general

PowerUser Jobs will look after your data.

Personal data

The only personal data PowerUser Jobs stores about you is your email address. The only other piece of personal data that PowerUser Jobs stores is your Twitter account name, which is already public.

PowerUser Jobs will use your provided email address to contact you about product updates and to send weekly digest emails if you have opted in. You may unsubscribe from marketing and digest emails at any time.

Data is stored on servers within the US.

Deletion of personal data

At any time you can request the cancellation of your account and full deletion of your data. This will remove all Twitter-provided data, all PowerUser Jobs-generated metrics and analysis, and your personal data.

Service providers

PowerUser Jobs will send your personal data to the following services in order to complete the PowerUser Jobs service. These service providers are not permitted by law to disclose or use your personal data.

Stripe: payments processor (email address)

Postmark: transactional email provider (email address)

Should the list of data processors change, it will be noted on this page.